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Software Overwhelm

Small and middle businesses often find themselves lost in the vast array of software tools, unsure which ones suit their needs.

Inefficient Processes

Many businesses struggle with outdated or inefficient processes, hindering their overall workflow and slowing down operations.

Digitalization Challenges

The transition to digital environments can be daunting, with potential pitfalls and disruptions to traditional workflows.



Secretary, PLAST - Ukrainian scout organization in Austria

Anastasiia Khatsko

Nataliia has contributed significantly to the organization's development and has been an expert in digital and IT matters for some time. Her main task was digitizing all processes at Plast, as everything had previously been handled manually. Within a few months, she managed to convert all processes into a digitalized format, taking into account the organization's specific requirements. As a result, Plast now has access to modern services, which makes work much easier. We now have our domain at Gmail and use shared folders, making finding the documents we need much more effortless. We actively use services such as Trello for task planning and Notion to find internal information quickly, make notes, and share them. Our primary communication platform is Slack, which has significantly improved the efficiency of our communication processes. In addition, our membership data is now registered via the EasyVerein service, not on paper as before. Sending important information or invoices for membership fees now takes seconds instead of hours. Nataliia's work has involved identifying the processes required for digitization and training all senior members of the organization in its use. She has led several training seminars in these areas. Nataliia's contribution has been invaluable to the digitalization of our organization. I am happy to recommend Nataliia Flaisinger as an expert in this field.